Another Giants Receiver Shot in the Leg

The Giants don't figure to be too supportive of the NRA these days. Most of their receiving corps was affected by firearm violence, actual or threatened, in the last few moths. Steve Smith was held up at gunpoint and robbed outside his home. That incident may have contributed to Plaxico Burress' decision to bring a gun to a nightclub, a decision which resulted in a gunshot to the thigh and a weakened Giants offense.

Now comes word that Taye Biddle, a member of the team's practice squad for most of the season, was shot twice outside of his family's home in Decatur, Alabama. Biddle was shot in the left hand and, in a nod to his hopes of making it to the active roster, in the leg. Biddle is expected to make a full recovery, although he will need surgery on his hand.

Reports from Decatur paint Biddle as an innocent bystander who was walking to his car when he was shot. The Decatur Police Department concurs, releasing a statement that says "There is no evidence to indicate that Biddle did anything to contribute, cause or provoke the shooting."

That's how you know Biddle is just a practice sqaudder. Not only did he fail to shoot himself in the thigh, but he didn't even do anything to contribute to or provoke the shooting. Sounds like the Giants need to set up some kind of mentoring system so that players like Burress can teach youngsters like Biddle the right way to wind up in the hospital with a gunshot wound.

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