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In Bid for Own Seat, Monserrate Borrows Obama's Campaign Slogan



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    Hiram Monserrate, the state senator expelled by his colleagues for misdemeanor assault of his girlfriend, has a special election campaign slogan that might look a bit familiar.

    Monserrate, who is fighting for his former seat in the 13th Senate district against Jose Peralta, has apparently hijacked the inspiring logo "Yes We Can" from President Barack Obama's uber-successful campaign last year.

    It's not entirely clear what's at the center of Monseratte's "can-do" attitude following his expulsion from Albany. Nor is it clear who came up with the idea to recycle the president's campaign slogan.

    Voters in Queens head to the polls Tuesday.

    The 53 -8 vote to expel Monserrate last month followed an investigation by a special committee of nine senators and the resolution noted his conviction was for domestic violence -- and the Senate has a zero tolerance policy for that.

    Monserrate supporters and the lawsuit said the expulsion was at least partly payback for his decision along with Sen. Pedro Espada to briefly join with Republicans last year in a coalition that caused a monthlong legislative gridlock. The Democrats had a 32-30 Senate majority with Monserrate and Espada.

    The eight senators who voted against expulsion were all Democrats.   But, his own party is supporting Peralta in the special election.