Urlacher Pushes Back Against Baby Mama's Accusations

Linebacker and ex-girlfriend continue to fight. Their son loses.

Chicago star linebacker Brian Urlacher, no great fan of the media, gave an interview to the Chicago Tribune to clear up some of the accusations his former girlfriend made this week.

Urlacher and Tyna Robertson have a three-year old son, Kennedy, together. But the two are far from friendly. In the past 48 hours, we've learned:

  • Urlacher dresses his son in Cinderella diapers and paints his toenails Bears blue. Robertson told an Illinois court she was worried these acts were "confusing [Kennedy], if he's a boy or a girl."
  • God gave Urlacher a career-damaging bad back to punish him for being a bad father. At least, that's Robertson's logic, according to a text message Urlacher shared with the Tribune.

Urlacher isn't blameless in keeping this story alive. He's alleged to have sent extremely hostile text messages of his own, accusing Robertson of turning their son into, yes, a gender-confused child. There's a sad pattern here.

Urlacher dismissed the suggestion that he's confused his three-year old (!) son:

"She says to me, 'If he turns out to be gay, it's your fault,' " Urlacher said. "I told her, 'I don't care if he's gay. I'll love him either way.' "

It's a nice sentiment, but a more meaningful statement would be to stop feeding the beast. If Urlacher did receive those text messages about his back, he should know that showing them to the media doesn't help his son any.

Young Kennedy probably doesn't know how to use Google yet, but when he does, he'll learn that all these statements will remain attached to his name long after his parents' custody battle is over.

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