Secret Service Agent at Trump Rally Chokes, Slams Photojournalist to Ground

A Donald Trump rally in Virginia on Monday was punctuated by protests and a shockingly violent incident between a Secret Service agent and a journalist.

After an interruption by several attendees associated with Black Lives Matter, a fight between TIME's photographer Christopher Morris and a Secret Service agent broke out around the press area at the event in Radrod, Virginia.

Videos circulated on social media show the photographer swearing at a Secret Service agent who apparently tried to prevent him from leaving the press pen. A separate video shot from another angle shows the agent grab Morris' throat with two hands, swing him around and violently slam the photographer to the ground.

TIME said it has contacted the Secret Service to "express concerns about the level and nature of the agent's response." The Secret Service has said its local field office was working with law enforcement to determine "the exact circumstances that led up to this incident." 

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