Obama Battles Fake Interpreter, Selfies on “SNL”

The president has his hands full on "SNL" after a wild week.

President Barack Obama's selfie with the Danish and British prime ministers at Nelson Mandela's memorial service, and Obama's handshake with Cuba's Raul Castro made headlines this week. The appearance of phony sign language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie at the same event wasn't Obama's fault, but "SNL" had some fun with it all anyway.

Eager to set the record straight, Obama (Jay Pharaoh) told the world he was ready to put the day behind him.

"It was an emotional day for me, but also a controversial one," Pharaoh said. "I felt like Lemony Snicket because I suffered a series of unfortunate events."

Obama said he was "roped" into the selfie but first lady Michelle Obama was still furious about it. He said he was ready to focus on the important things like his healthcare policy. However, Obama was then flanked by Jantjie (Kenan Thompson). The interpreter went on to do everything from shoot imaginary webs, draw out imaginary curvy women and even do the "Thriller" dance in his own "translation."

Things got worse for Obama after he was forced to take a pair of selfies with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Kate McKinnon).

"Don't worry," Merkel said. "I won't guten tag this on frautz-book."

On Weekend Update, hosts Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong continued the comedic assault on the interpreter. Meyers said the deaf community was outraged by the man's actions this week.

"(Jantjie) defended himself saying pizza, thank you, rainbow," Meyers said.

Drunk Uncle (Moynihan) soon joined the show and away from his usual rants and sing-song, he had something to say about Obamacare.

"Obamacare is like my wife, Linda," he said. "She doesn't work and is full of complaints."

The show also riffed on Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly having recently asserted that Santa is white.

"SNL's" Santa (Kenan Thompson) dropped by Weekend Update to weigh in.

"You've heard of secret Santa? Well, here's a secret for you. I'm black as hell," he said.

Santa added that it was good people thought of him as white because he has a lot of presents to deliver and "can't afford to get pulled over every 10 minutes."

There were other surprises during  the show as well. This week's host, John Goodman, was joined by Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone in a parody of the three wise men story, "The Three Wise Guys."

This week's musical guest, Kings of Leon, performed "Temple" and "Wait For Me."

Next week's host will be former cast member Jimmy Fallon, joined by musical guest Justin Timberlake.

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