Newspaper Mistakenly Runs Picture of Alec Baldwin on ‘SNL' Instead of Trump

Dominican newspaper El Nacional issued an apology Saturday after readers quickly pointed out it used a picture of Alec Baldwin dressed as President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" — instead of an actual Trump image — for a story about U.S.-Israeli relations.


As NBC News reports, Baldwin's picture appeared next to one of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a story about Israel allowing more settlers into lands disputed by Palestine. Trump has signaled that new settlements may not achieve the goal of peace.

Social media users enjoyed the fact that Baldwin had made such an impact internationally in his role skewering the president on "SNL" — an impersonation Trump has attacked as unfunny and "sad."

Baldwin shattered his own record Saturday night, hosting "SNL" for a 17th time.


"Saturday Night Live" is produced by and appears on the NBC Television Network.

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