Kim Kardashian Has Near Fashion Meltdown at Grammy Awards

The famously curvaceous Kim Kardashian was almost undone by her ample assets at this year's Grammy awards.

The reality starlet had to have her dress for the evening altered at the last minute because her butt almost "wouldn't fit" into it, reports US Weekly.

"I had the biggest fashion emergency," Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest during E!'s red carpet pre-show. "I took it to another tailor and they tailored it to where my whole butt wouldn't fit in it. I was freaking out and said that if I didn't have a dress, I wouldn't go."

Kardashian, who attended the awards show with her brother Rob, was able to make it due to some quick help from the designers.

"The designers were amazing and they came in and met me and redid the whole thing," she said.

Kardashian recently dished about her body in a recent interview with US and talked about how her view of her body changed as she's gotten older.

"I never knew to embrace curves," she said. "I looked at my aunt and cousins and saw these Armenian women with big butts and boobs, and I didn't really realize how attractive it actually was then. Your perspective grows."

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