Bode Miller, 36, on Sochi: I “Feel My Age”

Bode Miller, the most decorated U.S. skier of all time, is facing tough odds at the Sochi Olympics in February. He spent a year off the slopes after a significant knee injury and at 36, he’s one of the oldest U.S. athlete competing at the Winter Games. “I’m healthy enough that I’m skiing as hard as I can, but I definitely feel my age,” Miller said on NBC’s "Today” show Thursday. “I’m trying to catch up to the young kids right now.” Miller also discussed the death of his younger brother and a headline-making custody dispute over an infant son from another relationship. He said it’s been difficult to read about his family in the press. “Any time it’s family or things that are personal, reading about them is one thing, reading about them when they are not true or when they’re completely spun in one direction and having to just accept that and not fight a public battle, because that’s what media thrives on, that was really difficult.”

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