Lyft Driver Recalls ‘Crawling' Out of Mississippi Woods After She Was Kidnapped, Shot 7 Times

“I’m just super grateful to be alive," Brandy Littrell said in an interview from her hospital bed

A Jackson, Mississippi police car.
via NBC NewsChannel

A Lyft driver who was kidnapped by a teen rider, shot seven times and left in the Mississippi woods said she gathered strength to drag herself to safety by thinking of her loved ones.

Brandy Littrell recounted the Tuesday ordeal in an interview with NBC affiliate WLBT of Jackson.

She told the news station that the suspect drove her to the woods and told her to get down on her knees before he shot her and drove away in her car.

“I realized I wasn’t dead, that I hadn’t bled out,” she said.

The teenager confessed to the crimes involving the Lyft driver, Jackson police said. It was not clear Friday if he had made an appearance in court, or if he was represented by an attorney.

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