Justin Bieber, Will Smith Make Top Instagram Photo of 2013

A photo of Will Smith and Justin Bieber notched nearly 1.5 million likes in 2013 to earn Instagram's photo of the year honors, company CEO Kevin Systrom revealed on "Today" on Friday.

Systrom said the photo's success had a lot to do with 12 million-plus followers. While selfies are still in vogue, the photo of the pop star and the "Fresh Prince" worked because it was a fun moment that Beliebers appreciated, Systrom said.

"It seemed like they were having fun," he said.

The Instagram CEO also revealed the year's top hashtag is #Love, but said #ThrowbackThursday and #Food were in "a close second and third."

Systrom also discussed a new "Instagram Direct" feature on the photo-sharing website that allows users to share photos and video with a select number of followers rather than on their main page.

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