Half Naked Models Keep Placebo Occupied

10-21-08 placebo
Photo by Jipsy
DC Scene: You were definitely one of the early bands in the new group of glam pop punk rock (My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, AFI). What is it like knowing that you're a major initiator of this trend?
Placebo: If we spent time thinking about that, we'd disappear up our own backsides. Bands have influenced us and it's likely that we have done the same to bands who appeared after us. It's part of the cycle.

DC Scene: Were there barriers when you were first starting out performing this style of music?
Placebo: We were never genre-conscious. Why limit yourself?

DC Scene: Were there times in the history of Placebo (been together over 10 years), that you thought the band might just not work out? If so, how did you get past these times and move on to be so successful (several platinum selling albums)?
Placebo: Like any disfunctional family, we've had our ups and downs, but Placebo is far more important than some squabble over who looks the biggest in a photo.

DC Scene: You have a pretty incredible resume, having played with the Sex Pistols, U2, and Weezer. I have also heard that you've grown to be friends with David Bowie. Is this true?
Placebo: We're not sharing the same stage as we used to, but we send each other our new releases and cards for Christmas.

DC Scene: There are a few guest artists on your new album. Who all took part?
Placebo: Alison Mosshart from the Kills sang on "Meds" and Michael Stipe from REM sang on "Broken Promise." We felt their voices would add to the songs, and they were both up for it.

DC Scene: With the popular success of your self-titled first single "Meds," has that scored you any appearances on talk shows, radio gigs, or other forms of media?
Placebo: Anywhere from Italian football shows with half-naked models to serious live music shows on the BBC.

DC Scene: So where does the band call home now?
Placebo: Europe.

DC Scene: Have travel restrictions played any problematic part in touring in the U.S. for the band?
Placebo: It's a big country. We bring books and patience.

DC Scene: Big plans for the summer?
Placebo: Touring, maybe state side again. Check www.placboworld.co.uk for the latest.

DC Scene: And last but not least: Why should readers go out and buy (or download) your new album?
Placebo: Start with "Meds," once you're hooked, check out "Without You I'm Nothing," then "Sleeping with Ghosts," "Black Market Music" and finish off with "Placebo." Enjoy.

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