FBI: We Didn’t Edit Oklahoma City Bombing Tapes

Lawyer challenges videos gained through FOIA request


The FBI is denying accusations that it edited videos of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing before handing the tapes over to a lawyer who is independently investigating the attack.

Salt Lake City lawyer Jesse Trentadue had obtained more than two dozen security camera tapes from a Freedom of Information Act request. The tapes were blank in the moments before the Alfred P Murrah Federal building exploded, only showing the aftermath from the attack, The Associated Press reported.

"They have been edited," Trentadue said Wednesday, a charge the feds deny. “[The FBI] don’t do anything by accident.”

Trentadue has investigated the bombing ever since his brother, Kenneth, a convicted bank robber, died violently in a federal prison. The official cause of Kenneth’s death was listed as suicide, but his body had 41 wounds on it when found. Trentadue’s family won $1.1 million in court for extreme emotional distress after arguing that guards beat Kenneth during his interrogation for suspected involvement in the attack.

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