Don't Tase Me, Dad

Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day turns into a real shocker

Who knew taking your kids to work could be such a shocking experience. The children whose parents work at Franklin Correctional Institution in Carrabelle, Florida, that’s who.

When the unsuspecting children of the institution headed to work at the Panhandle prison with their moms and dads, they had no idea they’d be treated like inmates.

But that’s exactly what Sgt. Walter Schmidt did when he used a stunning device to zap kids with 50,000 volts of electricity.

The Sun-Sentinel reports the children fell to the ground, yelling in pain and grabbing at the red burn marks the volts left on their arms.

One child was even taken to a hospital.

Schmidt, who worked with the Department of Corrections for 14 years, says he doesn’t see how he was in the wrong, especially considering he asked for parental consent prior to shocking the youths.

“When they said, ‘sure,” I went ahead and did it, “ he tells the paper. “It wasn’t intended to be malicious, but educational.”

Seems Schmidt won’t be using his methods to further anyone else’s education. He was fired for the incident.   

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