Brendan Weber

Dexterous Bear Opens Door, Strolls Into CHP Facility Near Lake Tahoe

An "unexpected visitor" on four legs and boasting some serious dexterity handily let itself into a California Highway Patrol facility near Lake Tahoe earlier this month.

That's right, a bear managed to open a door and saunter into the CHP Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility in Truckee on the night of Nov. 17, according to a video posted by the CHP Donner Pass office Saturday.

Footage from the facility shows the bear poke its head up, making it visible through a glass window in the door. The bear, standing up on its hind legs, promptly turns the handle, pulls the door open and casually strolls through the doorway on all fours, taking time to check out what's on display in some nearby vending machines.

After poking around the office, the bear eventually makes its nonchalant escape through the same door it entered.

Two armed officers are soon seen following the bear out of the door.

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