Congressional Investigation: Army Needs to Do Better Job Caring for Injured Soldiers

A report from the investigative arm of Congress finds the U.S. Army needs to do a better job of caring for injured soldiers in special units set up to care for troops wounded in combat, or who become seriously ill or injured in noncombat situations, NBC 5 Investigates in Dallas-Fort Worth and The Dallas Morning News report.

Congress ordered the report after the news groups revealed hundreds of injured soldiers had complained of harassment, abuse and a lack of care from the commanders of warrior transition units or WTUs.

Among the Congressional report's findings were that soldiers' complaints of mistreatment are not always reaching top Army officials with oversight of the Warrior Transition Units.

More than a thousand miles from Washington D.C. in Frankston, Texas, the report feels like some vindication to retired Army Master Sgt. Ken Adams: "I knew I was right about how a lot of stuff was being done and how a lot of soldiers' lives were being impacted."

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