Boob Sledding Through the Arctic

Two giant breasts are scheduled to cross Antarctica this coming November. 

Australian veterinarian and thrill-seeker, Geoff Wilson has just flown to Canada to begin training to beat the world record of traversing the continent in 64 days, according to Australian newspaper The Courier Mail. The previous and first ever record for a solo, unsupported trek across the 1,675-mile strip was set by a Norweigan in 1997.

Wilson will be traveling alone, using only skis and kites, dragging a fiberglass "boob sled" full of enough survival supplies for 80 days. The 400-pound breasts are actually modeled after Wilson's wife bust, the expedition's Facebook page explains.

Inspired by friend and breast cancer survivor, Kate Carlyle, Wilson aims to raise $1 million Australian dollars for the McGrath Foundation charity. Named "The Pink Polar Expedition," Wilson hopes his adventure will encourage young women to check their breasts and be aware of breast cancer risks.

The Gold Coast native has already crossed the Sahara and Simpson Desserts as well as the Toreros Strait, Gold Coast News reports. Although his breast-themed sled seems silly to most, the journey Wilson is embarking on is a serious challenge. "It's a very high risk expedition so we really will be taking every precaution possible," he told The Courier-Mail.

Wilson's friend Carlyle is currently battling her second round of cancer and plans to watch the start of the expedition from a Russian Antarctic base. "She is halfway through her expedition and I'm just about to start," Wilson said. "Her bravery will carry me through." 

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