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Cabbie Stabbed 11 Times



    Cabbie Stabbed 11 Times

    Philadelphia's cab drivers are on alert, after another attack on one of their own. A driver was stabbed and robbed on the job in Queen Village. NBC10's George Spencer says it's the latest in a rash of attacks. (Published Monday, Sept. 2, 2013)

    Police have identified a man who was arrested in the stabbing of a Philadelphia cab driver overnight.

    Luis Moreno, 21, and an unidentified man allegedly stabbed the city taxi driver nearly a dozen times during a robbery at Front Street and Washington Avenue in the Queen Village neighborhood, according to Philadelphia Police.

    The attack left the driver in the hospital, Moreno under arrest and the other suspect on the loose.

    Police say the cabdriver let the men out of his cab around 1:15 a.m. near Front and Washington. According to police, one of the men stood by the driver's window appearing to get money from his wallet when the other man took a knife and began stabbing the driver.

    At that time the other man also took out a knife and began attacking the cabbie through the driver's side window.

    The driver fought back, grabbing one of the men's knives and stabbing him. At that time the other suspect stabbed the cabbie in the head. The taxi driver also suffered wounds to his arm, side and chest in the process, according to investigators.

    The suspects ran away. Originally it was reported that they took $20 but police later clarified that they actually took $205. 

    After the attack, the 37-year-old cabbie, who investigators haven't identified, managed to drive about eight blocks to Front and South Streets because he knew there are normally police in that area.

    "Someone outside saw him and called police, and they responded quickly," said police Capt. Frank Llewellyn.

    Despite being stabbed, the driver was able to give a basic description of his attackers.

    Police picked up Moreno at 4th and Federal Streets. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder, robbery and other related offenses. The other man got away, and police say it’s possible he was stabbed in the process of the attack.

    The driver was taken to Jefferson University Hospital. He was believed to be in critical condition but police later said he was in stable condition with what investigators called "superficial" wounds.

    Anyone with information on this incident should contact Philadelphia Police.