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Professors Warned to Avoid 'Sensitive Topics' Ahead of Texas Campus Carry



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    In this file photo, students arrive a public forum on the University of Texas campus as a special committee studies how to implement a new law allowing students with concealed weapons permits to carry firearms into class and other campus buildings, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, in Austin, Texas. The law takes effect in the state in August 2016. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

    A new Texas law allowing people to carry guns on state college campuses doesn't go into effect until Aug. 1, but it's already putting a big chill on fiery academic debate, NBC News reported.

    Professors at the University of Houston have started preparing guidelines for dealing with gun-toting students that include warning faculty to steer clear of "sensitive topics" and dropping hot button issues from their curricula, according to a UH Faculty Senate.

    The proposed guidelines also advise faculty to no "'go there' if you sense anger" and "limit student access off hours."

    "It's not official policy," Faculty Senate President Jonathan Snow told NBC News on Wednesday.

    UH is expected to release it's own "draft policy" on guns in classrooms next week, a university spokeswoman said.