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Decision 2016

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Koch Network Considering Anti-Trump Campaign

All that matters in the presidential race for the next 24 hours is who shows up to debate and discuss their choice for president with friends and neighbors in Iowa's storied caucuses



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    Men tack up an American flag to a barn in Iowa.

    Donald Trump was not at the biannual Charles and David Koch-organized conference over the weekend, but he was on the minds of many at the seminar hosted by the billionaire executives known for their active role in Republican politics.

    The Koch network is unlikely to endorse a Republican presidential candidate in the primary, but it's not clear if the conservative activists who spent $400 million in the last presidential election will actively try to defeat the GOP presidential frontrunner in the primary, according to NBC News. 

    It's possible that they will and it's a decision that will be made after the early primary states have voted, a senior official at the Koch-backed political action committee Freedom Partners Action Fund told NBC News.

    Trump is not supported by the Kochs who believe that his positions don't align with their federal fiscal restraint and free-market priorities, according to the Freedom Partners officials.