“Bacon Explosion” to Hit Midtown Bar

Get your morning scoop on the sale of our public parks, free sidewalk repairs for homeowners, MTA subway racing, Dapper Dan's Imperial Clothes and where to buy the Bacon Explosion in today's local blog round-up.

  • Are our public parks for sale? Representatives for clothing designer Joseph Abboud, JC Penney and the NBA strolled into a Washington Square Park Task Force/Community Board meeting Wednesday night thinking their plan for a private event would be met with open arms. They met outrage. [Washington Square Park]
  • The Trees & Sidewalks pilot program got over $3.5 million in funding to help homeowners repair sidewalks that have been cracked up and damaged by trees throughout the city. Since its March 2005 launch, the city's spent "approximately $12 million to repair 4,703 sidewalk sites." [Sheepshead Bites]
  • Swipe your card and enter the starting gates, 'cause the MTA's announcement system is encouraging riders to hurry up and catch the train! A blogger felt the Q train anxiety at the Atlantic Avenue Terminal when "Ladies and gentlemen, there is a Stillwell Avenue-bound Q train approaching Atlantic Avenue" came over the loudspeaker a platform away. [Flatbush Vegan]
  • A sign for the long-shuttered Dapper Dan's Imperial Clothes was recently uncovered on 14th street, and it's a beautiful relic of our classier, more Mad Men-y past. Lost City imagines life in neon. [Lost City]
  • The Internet-famous Bacon Explosion is now being served in Midtown, at the Channel 4 Irish Pub & Restaurant. Grab your tums, children's aspirin and a bucket full of regrets and give the "occasional special" a whirl. [Grub Street]
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