Chinatown Van Hits 19 Children, Killing 2 of Them

Two children were killed and another was seriously injured after getting hit by an unoccupied delivery van on a Chinatown sidewalk Thursday.

The van was mistakenly left in reverse, jumped a curb and plowed into a large group of children walking from alibrary to a day care center. Three of the children were pinned underneath the vehicle, police said.  

One girl died instantly. She was just 4 years old.

Two other children were rushed to an area hospital, where one of them died. He was 3.

In all, 14, children were treated at the scene by medical personnel, most with minor injuries.

"The (truck) made a U-turn, and hit the kids, and one of them was pinned under the truck," one witness said.

Fire officials said the accident occurred at 11:31 a.m. in front of 38 East Broadway, near Market Street. Police said the children were on foot when they were struck.

Investigators said the vehicle belonged to a restaurant, representatives for which didn't want to comment.

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