New York City

Anchor Bar, Creator of the Original Buffalo Chicken Wing, Will Make Its Debut in NYC

Dwellers of New York City who have wanted to try an authentic Buffalo chicken wing without actually having to, well, go to Buffalo will soon get their chance. 

The Anchor Bar -- home to the original Buffalo chicken wing -- is set to open in midtown Manhattan on May 17. 

"We're in a busy part of Manhattan, so we've had people walk by and stop to tell us they used to live in Buffalo or went to school in Buffalo," said Mark Dempsey, vice president of franchise and development for Anchor Bar.

The New York City location will resemble the original Main Street Buffalo location in several ways, including the red brick motif out front and the signature sauce for its wings.

The restaurant even plans to have a display in the family dining area telling the story of the chicken wing's invention.

Naturally, the biggest allure for NYC natives and Buffalo transplants alike will be the wings. A single order will match Buffalo's prices, whereas costs for a double order or bucket have been adjusted for the bigger market.

Other Buffalo staples such as beef on weck and pizza logs will be available on the menu.

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