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Oddsmakers Predict 2018 Super Bowl Chances for New York Jets, Giants

The 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis is a year away, but the Jets aren't getting any love from Las Vegas oddsmakers leading up to the game

What to Know

  • RJ Bell is the official odds provider to the Associated Press
  • According to him, the Jets have a 150-to-1 shot of winning the Super Bowl in 2018; only the Browns and 49ers have worse odds
  • The Giants have a 20-to-1 chance of winning, Bell says, giving them the ninth best shot at hoisting the Lombardi in Minneapolis next year

As the confetti rains down on the New England Patriots after a stunning Super Bowl comeback victory, New York Jets and Giants fans are likely asking themselves about whether or not their team has a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis next season.

Unfortunately, Las Vegas isn’t very bullish on the Jets’ chances of a title. The Giants, of course, stand a better shot.

According to R.J. Bell, an odds expert for the Associated Press, Gang Green has the second-worst odds of winning the title next year, with their chances standing at 150-to-1 heading into the offseason. The Los Angeles Rams also have a 150-to-1 shot, according to Bell. Only the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers (400-to-1) have a worse chance of winning the big game.

The Giants are tied with the Kansas Chief Chiefs with a 20-to-1 shot, giving them the ninth best chance of hoisting the trophy. 

Things aren’t much better for the Jets in the eyes of European oddsmakers. The Patriots are the favorites to win the title, with the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Seattle Seahawks close behind, but the Jets are way down the list, with their +12,000 chances only better than the Chicago Bears (+15,000) 49ers (+20,000) and the Browns (+25,000).

According to the European oddsmakers, the Giants have the 10th best shot at winning the Super Bowl in 2018, tied with the Denver Broncos (+2.500). 

Even with all of that negativity surrounding the chances of Todd Bowles' crew, there is still reason for optimism for Jets fans. They have the No. 6 overall pick in the draft. Of course, what they do with it is another story. 

As for the Giants, they did make it the playoffs after a slow start to the season. And while Tom Brady may be relishing his historic win today, we all know there's one face he really doesn't want to see in a Super Bowl: Eli Manning.

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