Sully Donates the Hat Off His Head

Starting bid for one-of-a-kind cap is $1

This just might be the coolest Christmas present imaginable, and as of Sunday morning it will cost you $5,800 tax deductible dollars. 

The "Miracle on the Hudson" pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, has put his captain's hat up for auction on eBay.  The bidding closes Monday.

Yes, the pilot credited for pulling off one of the most harrowing landings in history has thrown his hat into a fund raising campaign.  As if they guy didn't have enough Karma points already.

The eBay listing answers some important questions:

No, he wasn't wearing this hat on January 15, 2009 - he did not wear this or any other pilot's hat on that trip.

Yes, he has another hat that he's worn since retiring this one.  He frequently wears his new hat when he pilots commercial aircraft.  No, he has no plans to donate his new hat or any other parts of his uniform to anyone at this time.

No, we cannot promise that Capt. Sullenberger will personally deliver the hat.  (But good for you for thinking of that.)

The hat is not in mint condition - it is a well-worn (but well-maintained!) hat that has seen service in cockpits and airports around the United States of America.  It probably has more frequent flyer miles than you do.

Proceeds raised from the auction will be donated to two East Bay schools in polar opposite districts.  Lockwood Elementary in one of Oakland’s poorest communities, and Dougherty Valley High in one of San Ramon wealthiest.

Nearly all of its 500 students attending Lockwood Elementary come from families below the national poverty line.  The school itself is located in a neighborhood with one of the highest crime rates in the city.

Dougherty Valley High School, opened in 2007, is bright, shiny and new, and it is located in one of the highest taxed districts in Contra Costa County, where residents pay directly out of their pockets for schools, police services and libraries.

The hat is signed by Sully, comes in a protective plastic box and a personal note from the Sullenbergers.

Dougherty Valley High School has been the recipient of Sully's goodness before. Here's a clip of a personal appearance on campus.

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