Student Found With Bomb-Making Materials in Backpack

A Brooklyn high school student was arrested after a teacher allegedly overheard him talking to another student about making a bomb.

The teacher notified a school safety agent at Midwood High School who called police, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. The student was pulled out of a class by an officer.  Inside the 14 year-old's backpack were Liquid Plumber, three kinds of deodorant and instructions printed from the Internet for using those items to make a "cemical reaction device."

The teen was charged Wednesday with criminal possession of a weapon, Kelly said . He said the student has no history of making threats or of mental instabilty.

The school at 2839 Bedford Avenue was not evacuated or locked down. The other student who was in the conversation overheard by the teacher was not charged.

The contents of the arrested teenager's bag were secured with no injuries. Midwood H.S. Is one of the city's largest schools.

Police did not believe students were at risk of significant harm because of the limited explosive power of the chemicals in the quantities seized, Kelly said.

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