29 Targeted in Connecticut High School Student's Alleged ‘Hit List': Police

A female high school student in Norwalk, Connecticut, has been arrested over an alleged "hit list" that threatened to harm 29 students at the school. 

The Special Victims Unit investigated a complaint about a letter threatening to harm Norwalk High School students; authorities determined it was written in January, but the school said it didn't know about it prior to the weekend.

"Administrators at Norwalk High School learned of a potential threatening situation Sunday evening and have been working with the Norwalk Police Department since then," Norwalk Public Schools spokesperson Brenda Wilcox-Williams said in a statement. "Families of individuals directly impacted were contacted by the school on Sunday night to make them aware."

Norwalk Police Lt. Terry Blake said the letter was "enough of a threat to take action."

The student who allegedly wrote the letter was charged with 29 counts of breach of peace. She's also facing a 10-day suspension and expulsion hearing at school. 

Two seniors who knew about the hit list told NBC 4 New York the school has been buzzing about it. One said it put a damper on graduation festivities. 

Authorities say the hit list threatened individual students and had no connection to graduation. While they've never experienced a threat like this, they had a plan in place because of the rise in school shootings, they said. 

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