Staten Island Ferry Kills Christmas

Ferry-goers expressed disappointment about the lack of holiday spirit.

Commuters seeking a boost of holiday cheer better start bringing some extra from home if they take the Staten Island Ferry to work.

The holiday lights, Christmas trees and menorahs that long decorated the halls of the Staten Island Ferry terminal will not brighten up the building this year.

The Department of Transportation told the Daily News ferry staff recommended a holiday trimmings ban this season. The ferry, in consort with city attorneys, okayed the idea.

“DOT does not permit decorative displays in the ferry terminal area,” agency spokesman Seth Solomonow told the News.

Solomonow pointed out that the MTA does not permit holiday decorations to on the main floor of Grand Central Terminal.

Still, ferry-goers were disappointed by the lack of holiday spirit.

“The kids liked it and wanted to see the lights,” Crystal Brown, a Bronx resident who takes the ferry, told the News. “It’s boring now.”

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