“Jersey” Sucker-Puncher Says Sorry to Snooki

Although MTV has decided not to air the infamous knockout of one of its “Jersey Shore” stars most of the world has seen it already.

And now, Queens gym teacher, Brad Ferro, 24, who punched cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi in the face at a bar while the show was taping is paying the piper – and publicly apologizing, reports the NY Post.

”I’m very sorry for what happened,” Ferro told the Post. “I deeply regret what happened. Nobody deserves that."

So what provoked the grown man to slug Snooki square in the face? Alcohol. Ferro claims that he and a friend “drank way too much” and that he was so intoxicated he has no memory of the punch heard ‘round the world, according to the Post.

”I remember very little from the time of the incident…when I saw the video I was sick to my stomach,” said Ferro.

Ferro was found guilty of assault in the Aug. 19 incident at the Beachcomber bar & Grill and has since been temporarily relieved of his teaching duties – but not before teaching his students a valuable lesson on the dangers of abusing alcohol.

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