Sick Pug on Subway Leads to NYPD Arrest

The blog reaction...

Get your morning scoop on poor Greenpoint resident Chrissie Brodigan, who was stopped by NYPD officer Joel Witriol for carrying her sick, puking dog off the L train between Bedford and 1st Avenue on Monday. The situation quickly turned from bad to worse. Gothamist, Gawker, Animal New York, Free Williamsburg and The Frisky react, in today's local blog round-up.

  • Gothamist reports that as the arresting officer reportedly told her, "If you're going to act like a woman I'm going to treat you like a woman," he handcuffed her, punched her in the back, and, in her own words, "grabbed my breasts and pinched them."  A witness of the arrest told the site "something about it seemed very wrong," before running up the subway stairs to call 911 - on the cop. [Gothamist]
  • Gawker notes that the arresting officers threatened Brodigan that they were going to put her dog down, but she later found them playing with it back at the station.  Their post is sweetened up a bit with a image of a sick pug behind an, "I  puked on the L train," overlay. [Gawker]
  • The Frisky sums it all up in one shocking opening sentence, writing, "A NYC cop allegedly punched a woman, grabbed her breasts and told her he was going to 'treat her like a woman.'"[The Frisky]
  • And Free Williamsburg posted Brodigan's e-mail, her name originally withheld by request, asking "if you have pix or video, send them along."  [FREE Williamsburg]
  • Animal New York sourced Free Williamsburg and included the short blurb with a sad, cute and hilarious photograph of a confused little pug. [Animal New York]

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