Shields Defends Kiefer After Headbutt Meltdown

Designer may have started altercation with Sutherland, source says

Just as Kiefer Sutherland came to her defense last week, Brooke Shields now appears to be returning the favor.

Through a statement issued by her attorney, Shields voiced appreciation for Sutherland's chivalrous efforts at a SoHo party last week that earned the "24" star a misdemeanor assault charge.

"Kiefer has always been a gentleman in her company," the statement said.

Designer Jack McCollough bumped into Shields at the party at SubMercer, which followed the fancy black-tie Costume Institute Gala at the Met last Monday.

Channeling TV tough guy Jack Bauer, Sutherland allegedly headbutted McCollough, breaking the designer's nose in three places, his reps confirmed on Monday.

Sutherland turned himself in to police on Thursday, but his own reps were busy Monday as well, issuing a statement that said he "was neither the instigator nor a wrongdoer in this incident."

Perhaps that claim might not be completely without merit. A week after all the drama unfolded, a source told the Daily News that McCollough "may have shoved Kiefer first."

Shields didn't offer much more than that "gentleman" statement, but considering Sutherland is serving five years' probation for a DUI in Los Angeles and has a reputation as a "cantankerous ... drunk," you can't help but wonder what one needs to do to offend her. 

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