Restaurant Won't Accept Cash

Your money is no good at the restaurant Commerce in the West Village. The restaurant, whose throwback menu suits its historic block, has not suddenly turned philanthropic, but has become the Bizarro world-Luger (Peter Luger's famously only accepts cash) by refusing cash, instead opting only for electronic transactions.

Commerce owner Tony Zazula told Eater, "It's not so revolutionary." And says the move is just for convenience, because so little of the restaurant's business is in cash. "There's no reason to have two systems," he says. Eater wisely points out though that, "It's just a funny move for a restaurant called Commerce." Despite his claim that there's nothing revolutionary about the idea of going card-only, Zazula surely sees himself as a pioneer. His grand vision for the future of dining includes cashless transactions for all.

Well if we've learned nothing from the lessons of our recent economic maaise it's that credit is easily obtained and there's no trouble at all in accruing mountains of debt. Oh, wait no, that's wrong. Well, anyway, good luck with that "no cash" policy.

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