Raccoon Makes ‘Houdini' Like Escape at City Hall

The 25-pound male quickly figured out his getaway

A wily raccoon that escaped after being caught on the roof of City Hall has been nicknamed "Houdini."
The 25-pound male raccoon was captured midday Tuesday after he was spotted on the roof.
But he quickly figured out his getaway -- reaching up and bending back the top of the cage. He then got to the ground by climbing
 down some construction scaffolding on the back side of City Hall.
He eluded animal control for more than half an hour as he crept along the bottom of the wall.
The animal control worker who finally captured him _ for the second time _ dubbed the animal "Houdini" and said he was the strongest raccoon he'd ever seen.
Authorities said it was not showing any sign of having rabies. The raccoon was resting at an animal shelter and was being evaluated for release.

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