NYPD Blue May Be Seeing Green

Federal stimulus bill could bolster New York's Finest

President Obama's massive stimulus bill could mean an extra 3,900 cops patrolling the streets of New York, according to Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Included in the bill is $1 billion that could be used to hire roughly 400 officers, which would go a long way to wards offsetting the cancellation of the 2010 police academy class announced by Commissioner ray Kelly last month.

Additionally, the federal government's Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) program could pick up 75 percent of the funding for another 3,500 cops over the next four years.

"Our safety challenges can't take a backseat to our economic ones," Weiner told the new York Daily News. "The COPS program is a proven winner, cutting crime and making neighborhoods safe in New York City."

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