NYC's Most Prolific Bomber to Speak at UMass

Raymond Luc Levasseur to speak Nov 12

His United Freedom Front set off more bombs in New York, its suburbs and all the way up to Boston than any other terrorists.  And now the ringleader, Raymond Luc Levasseur, is the headline guest at a University of Massachusetts symposium on social change November 12 at the main campus in Amherst.
"This is just a rip-off of the taxpayers," says David Jones, President of the union representing New Jersey State Troopers.
Jones is expecially upset because a co-founder of the UFF, Thomas anning, shot and killed a buddy of Jones, Trooper Philip Lamonaco ack in 1981. That was during the heyday of the radical group, which for early a decade starting in 1975 was responsible for more than 20 ombings from New York to New England, as well as 9 bank robberies.
Lavasseur was not present at the traffic stop on Rt 80 in western New Jersey when Lamonaco was gunned down, but the Trooper's widow, Donna, says she broke down "in tears" when she found out the other day that Levasseur was invited to speak.
He was convicted in several of the bombings and robberies, but was released on parole back in 2004.
"As long as he is out speaking he is activating that cause, and that cause could in fact (end with) the death of another police officer," says Mrs. Lamonaco, the mother of 3 children.
A UMass spokesman defended the appearance of the convicted bomber. "The University does not condone, it condemns the activities (of the UFF)," says Ed Blaguszewski. But he added that in today's world of international terrorism, the upcoming appearance helps "to understand (terrorism) so you can address it."
Union President Jones disagrees. He calls the individuals on campus who are involved, "academic infadels" and added, "You don't need to be a great mind to understand that somebody who sets bombs and assassinates New Jersey State Troopers ... is just a sick mind."
Jones says he plans to take a contingent of troopers up to Amherst to protest on the night of the symposium, and Donna Lamonaco plans to be there as well.
Partial List of United Freedom Front Bombings
-2/27/79 Eastchester, NY Mobil Oil Corp. Offices
-12/16/82 Elmont, NY South African Airways Offices
-12/16/82 Harrison NY  IBM Offices
-5/12/83  Uniondale, NY Roosevelt Army Reserve Center
-8/21/83  Queens  NY Naval Reserve Center
-12/13/83 The Bronx  J. Muller Army Reserve Center
-12/13/83 East Meadow, NY  Navy Recruiting Office
-12/14/83 Queens  Honeywell Offices
-1/29/84 Queens  Motorola Offices
-3/19/84  Harrison, NY  IBM Offices
-9/26/85  Tarrytown, NY Union Carbide Offices

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