Question Authority: Inside NYC’s Public Housing Crisis

An NBC 4 podcast on the fight to make NYCHA better. Click the boxes below to navigate between episodes.

An NBC 4 podcast on the fight to make NYCHA better. Click the boxes below to navigate between episodes.

NBC 4’s new podcast Question Authority is a six-part series on New York City’s public housing crisis, told by the people who live in NYCHA apartments. Hosted by investigative reporter Chris Glorioso, it is the first podcast series to delve into how the country’s largest housing authority got so broken down, and what can be done to fix it. Listen to the trailer on Apple podcasts or Stitcher or listen below.

LEAD. MOLD. RATS. CRIME. When you hear a story about public housing in New York City, it is likely to involve one of the words above. This podcast goes beyond the headlines.

Question Authority is the story of how the New York City Housing Authority lost the trust of its 400,000 tenants, and how the city’s largest stock of low-income apartments went from coveted to crumbling.

The six-part podcast is told from the perspective of NYCHA tenants, themselves. The mother who sued and won a $57 million court judgment after her daughter was lead-poisoned in an apartment NYCHA insisted was lead-free.

The neighbors who became asthmatic after years of exposure to leaks, mold, and mildew. The tenants group demanding rent rebates after months of utility outages.

Dakota Taylor suffered lead poisoning as a child living in a NYCHA apartment.

As he tracks the demise of America’s largest public housing authority, NBC New York reporter Chris Glorioso asks tough questions of NYCHA’s new leadership and analyzes their latest plan to resurrect these once-proud “projects.”

Believe it or not, public housing in New York City was once thought of as a national success story. Could it ever be again? Listen to all six episodes of Question Authority on Apple Podcasts here or listen below.

Question Authority was researched, written, produced, and edited by Liam McBain. The executive producer is Jessy Edwards, with additional help from Ben Berkowitz and John Cuthbert.

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