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NJ Babysitter Finds Strange Man, Woman in Home; Cops Say They Took ‘Some Liberties'

Police say it appears the two "may have utilized the shower and taken other liberties" while there

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A New Jersey babysitter discovered a pair of intruders in the home where she was working last week -- and police say the man and woman may have been there for an unspecified "period of time" before they were discovered.

Officers responding to a call about an interrupted burglary on Cedar Street in Englewood around 10:30 p.m. Friday encountered only the babysitter. She said the man and woman had fled the house shortly after she found them.

Later, police found the two allegedly stole various pieces of jewelry, the homeowner's wallet, an iPhone and the family's Lincoln Navigator.

Officers managed to track the stolen phone and pinpoint the location to a town in upstate New York. The New York State Police and local jurisdictions got involved at that point and located the Navigator. After a brief vehicular and subsequent foot chase, the two suspects -- Alex Ray Yeakley of Myerstown, Pennsylvania, and Amanda Lentz, of Lebanon Pennsylvania -- were taken into custody.

An ongoing investigation found Yeakley and Lentz had been in the home for some time, though it wasn't clear if that meant hours or days. Police say it appears the two "may have utilized the shower and taken other liberties" while there.

The two had left a 2003 Toyota Corolla they used to get to the Englewood home at the scene. The vehicle was taken by law enforcement for further investigation.

Both Yeakley and Lentz have been charged with burglary, auto theft and theft, police said. They are being held in a New York state correctional facility at this time. Attorney information for the duo wasn't immediately available.

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