“Glee” Takes Manhattan

It's off to Nationals! But first, a meeting with the mayor.

The cast of “Glee” met with New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday, as they prepare to shoot several episodes of the popular Fox musical in the streets of Manhattan.

"New York is the city that is open to everyone from everywhere," Bloomberg said. "Greeks, Geeks, Gleeks-we love them all."

The Wall Street Journal reports there were several quaffs about a show that takes place in Ohio shooting in Los Angeles. “Just in case you want to move everything to New York,” Bloomberg said, “we'd love to have you.”

The New Directions, the fictional singing group from McKinley High, just won the regionals competition and are preparing some impressive vocal aerobics for Nationals. Photos show cast members filming in colorful outfits, perhaps doing a rendition of “Empire State of Mind,” a song the New Directions performed at the beginning of the season in hopes of making it to nationals.

The best thing about shooting in New York? Not a slushie in sight (though, in New York, an egg cream might be a more appropriate beverage to throw).

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