Nassau County Sets Up Pothole Hotline

With the biting, destructive winter weather comes a new outlet for people to vent their frustrations and look for help.

Nassau County has set up a new "pothole" hotline.  It's a twenty-first century hotline; not a phone number but an e-mail address:

"The e-mail address will streamline the response process and help pinpoint problem areas," said Nassau county executive Ed Mangano in a statement.

Recent storms have created dangerous potholes along many Nassau county roads, according to Mangano.  While department of Public Works crews have been working "tirelessly" to deal with the destructive holes, the hotline is seen as a new tool to streamline that battle.

Any e-mails sent to the hotline must include the exact location of the pothole. 

If e-mails aren't your thing, you can also call Nassau's DPW at 516-571-6900.

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