Mayor Mike Needs Some Help With His Dark Side

There seem to be two sides to Mayor Bloomberg.
The side he tries to show the public is businesslike, brisk, confident.  But then there is the dark side -- and, lately, he's been displaying that more and more, especially when he zeroes in on reporters. For a man who made his fortune by creating a media company, it's amazing how angry he can get at the media.
On a recent day a television reporter was blocked by the Mayor's security detail from getting close enough to ask a question. At another meeting with the press, the Mayor denounced a question about his spending as "ridiculous." He called a question about a political opponent a "waste." He blasted a reporter who uses a wheelchair for dropping his tape recorder, which kicked on and interrupted a news conference.
Then, Thursday, Bloomberg lost it when Azi Paybarah of the New York Observer had the temerity to ask His Honor a question he didn't like. Bloomberg had just said he was "very optimistic" about the city's economy when Paybarah asked whether an improving economy would undermine the Mayor's rationale for needing a third term to lead the city during tough times.
Interrupting the reporter, the Mayor said angrily that "the rationale for extending term limits is the City Council passed it and the public's going to have a chance on November 3 to say what they want. I don't think we have to keep going back to that. When you have a serious question about the economy I'd be happy to answer it."  
What the Mayor did not say was that the public has already voted on term limits. In two referendums, the people voted to limit a Mayor to two terms. Then, after wrestling with the City Council and using the persuasive power of his money, the Mayor managed to overturn the will of the people. All because he didn't like how New Yorkers had voted.
After the press conference ended, the Mayor looked directly at Paybarah and sneered: "You're a disgrace."
Later, the Mayor's spokesman, Stu Loeser, announced: "The Mayor asked me to pass along his apologies to Azi for the comment after the press conference, which I did."
Somehow, that doesn't have a sincere ring.
This is the city that produced a man named John Peter Zenger who, in 1735, was put in prison for having the gall to criticize the English governor of New York. Ultimately, Zenger was freed in one of history's greatest victories for freedom of the press.
Maybe the Mayor needs a course in New York history. I'm sure the reporters at City Hall would be happy to chip in to finance it. Or, if he doesn't want that, perhaps he just needs therapy. He is getting very testy lately and it may be time for him to air his grievances against the Fourth Estate to a good therapist.

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