Escaped Prisoner in Brooklyn Captured, NYPD Says

What to Know

  • A man escaped from police custody on Wednesday after he was arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend
  • Officers cuffed the man, but he managed to escape police
  • They initially suspected he ran into a subway stop, but they weren't able to track him down; he was later captured

An escaped prisoner in Brooklyn has been captured, police say. 

The 18-year-old suspect, Franklin King-Lindsay, was initially arrested after a woman who said she was his girlfriend claimed he hit her and broke her phone.

Officers cuffed the man outside the 71st Precinct in Brooklyn, which is on the border of Crown Heights and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, but he managed to escape police and flee down New York Avenue.

Officials initially suspected he ran into the Sterling Street subway stop, but they weren’t able to track him down. The subway briefly bypassed the stop as a result of the search. 

At around 7 p.m., he was captured by the NYPD without incident; he's expected to be charged with assault and escape. 

King-Lindsay is awaiting arraignment in lower Manhattan. It's not clear if he has an attorney. 

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