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Man With Throwing Knives Shows Up at Trump Tower Claiming to Be U.S. Senator, Asks to See Ivanka: Police

A man toting two throwing knives and claiming to be a United States senator was arrested at Trump Tower Thursday after going there to try to see Ivanka Trump, cops say.

Police say Adames Benitez, 52, was stopped at the atrium of the Manhattan building around 4 p.m. when he asked to see the president's daughter. In addition to having the throwing knives, Benitez was wearing a bullet-resistant vest under his shirt and had a fake ID and a weighted sock in his possession, officials say. 

The man also said he owned Trump Tower. Officers described him as an emotionally disturbed person and brought him to a hospital for evaluation.

Benitez was charged with possession of a forged instrument and criminal possession of a weapon.

It wasn’t clear if he had an attorney who could comment on the allegations. Ivanka Trump was in Poland on Thursday. She moved to Washington, D.C., after her father’s election.

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