Ready to Make a Pitch for Madoff's Mets Tickets?

Swindler's pricey seats hit auction block

Bernie Madoff's prized Mets tickets will soon be on the auction block.

The court-appointed trustee filed court papers Tuesday asking that Madoff's two season tickets be sold to the highest bidder. In a deal with the Mets though, the trustee agreed to downgrade the seats from platinum to gold in order to resell the season-ticket rights, including renewal opportunities.

The gold seats are in the eighth row, located right between the Mets dugout and home plate, and have a face value of more than $60,000. They are a few rows behind where the platinum seats were located and the Mets have agreed to refund the difference in sale price between the platinum and gold pricing. The seats include access to the Delta Sky360 Club and free parking.

News of the ticket sale comes one day after Ruth Madoff visited her husband in prison. She did not take questions walking in or out of the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan. Prison officials said she was given one hour to meet with him. They said visits like hers usually take place in a room with tables and chairs, that an initial hug is allowed but no gifts or materials can be exchanged.

WNBC is pressing the federal court to unseal court records in the Madoff case that may shed additional light on Madoff's assets and those in the hands of relatives. WNBC also is asking all letters from victims to the court demanding a harsh punishment be made public. Prosecutors object, saying they want many of these records to remain sealed. Judge Denny Chin is expected to soon decide on WNBC's application, an application which was joined by ABC News and Fox News Channel.

As lawyers continue to try and collect assets to repay Madoff's thousands of victims, word came Tuesday that the Long Island law student who is suing Madoff's brother will also have to face the bankruptcy trustee.

Andrew Samuels,22, sued Peter Madoff last month over the loss of his trust fund, which he said was invested in the Ponzi scheme.

But now, in a letter obtained by CNBC, an attorney for the bankruptcy trustee warns that if Samuels recovers any money from Peter Madoff, the trustee will attempt to recover it for Bernie Madoff's creditors.

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