Man Videotaped Women in Private Tanning Rooms on Long Island: Police

Jake Gabler-Colotti, 22, of Wantagh is charged with second-degree unlawful surveillance

What to Know

  • Jake Gabler-Colotti, 22, of Wantagh is charged with unlawful surveillance; his attorney told Newsday the case is 'entirely circumstantial'
  • Police say while he videotaped women in private rooms at Beach Bum Tanning locations in Levittown, Seaford and Plainview
  • He was arrested Tuesday at the Levittown location, authorities said

A 22-year-old man is accused of videotaping women in private tanning rooms on Long Island.

Officials say Jake Gabler-Colotti, of Wantagh, taped a woman while they were in private tanning rooms at Beach Bum Tanning salons in Levittown, Seaford and Plainview.

Police say Gabler-Colottict used a Sony camera to videotape women in adjoining tanning rooms to his. They say he hung the camera over the top of the seven-foot wall separating the spaces.

In one case, the victim saw the camera and called for help, police say. He was arrested at the Levittown salon on Tuesday.

Gabler-Colotti pleaded not guilty to unlawful surveillance charges. 

His attorney, Cornell Bouse, told Newsday the 22-year-old is "a good kid" who's "never been in any trouble with the law." He said the case is "entirely circumstantial."

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