LIRR Crew Reunites Lost Bulldog With Owners

A train engineer on a Montauk-bound train found the dog hanging out on the side of the tracks on Tuesday.

This lost pooch punched an express ticket home.

An English bulldog was reunited with his owner after some eagle-eyed Long Island Rail Road workers spotted him by the tracks in the Hamptons on Tuesday morning.

The dog, an 8-year-old named Sampson, apparently ran off while spending that afternoon at a park in East Hampton with his owner, Mike Francow.

"“He’s the type of dog that always returns,” Francow told the New York Post, which first reported the story.

Francow and a construction worker in the park both looked for Sampson without much success - but the crew running the 10:10 a.m. LIRR train to Montauk spotted him. Engineer Christian Bock - also a dog owner - told the Post he was able to scoop up Sampson after spotting him by the tracks.


“As a dog lover, it’s like my worst fear to hit a dog,” Beck told the Post. “Luckily it was a section of track where the max speed you can go is only like 40 miles an hour. It was enough time to react and slow the train.”

Next - the crew set about finding Sampson's owner - while the bully got to ride in style out to the East end of the Island. Beck and the crew posted Sampson's picture to several LIRR Facebook groups - and got a hit about 20 minutes later.

Beck and the other workers reunited Francow and Sampson a few hours later - but not before the crew made sure to take plenty of pictures of Sampson enjoying the train.

Sampson in train

"As a dog owner myself I am glad that our crew went above and beyond to rescue Sampson and connect him with his owner," said LIRR President Phil Eng. "I look forward to providing a commendation for all of these employees and working with our labor leaders to acknowledge the true spirit of the workforce."

sampson frogging
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