Hoax Device in Linden Causes Scare, Evacuation

Police and bomb squad in Linden, New Jersey, have dismantled a hoax device found between two residential buildings on a city block, law enforcement sources say.

The suspicious device was found on the 1100 block of West St. Georges Ave. Tuesday evening, and was determined to be a hoax bomb. 

Homes in the area were evacuated as police responded.

"Cops banged on our door, said our lives were in danger," said Anthony Smith. 

Mayor Derek Armstead told NBC 4 New York photos of the device showed a bunch of dynamite-looking objects tied together with tape, with a device attached to it.  

The Union County bomb squad and Linden police used a robot to "disrupt" the device as a protective measure. A neighbor said he heard the boom as the robot moved in. 

Residents were allowed back into their homes by late Tuesday night. 

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