Is Gordon Gekko Getting In Touch With His Feelings?

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Since this weekend marked the anniversary of the Lehman collapse, the news media has been lousy with tales of life after Lehman. These icons of avarice have not been consigned to a special circle of Dante's Inferno -- they are finding themselves.

Flip on NPR and there are three former brokers telling you how after they lost their jobs they were "forced" to pursue other professions. There's the lady who became a pastry chef and the guy who became a stand-up comedian. That yuppie couple who moved to the country to open a bed and breakfast just like on "Newhart."

All in all, it seems like the fired workers woke up after a week or a month of feeling sorry for themselves and collectively said, "Well, I guess I can go pursue my hobby full time now, just like I always wanted." Who among us has the courage to quit his day job to knit all day? But get kicked out of your building carrying a cardboard box of your belongings, and yes, "Lets open that corner coffee shop we've always dreamed about." Yes, "Lets take singing lessons and perform in nightclubs." Yes, "Let's dump the stocks and sell socks!"

And also to mark this anniversary, Oliver Stone is rolling through town filming "Wall Street II," with yellow "WS2" signs marking the shoot on 25th Street in the FlatIron today. Though, if all the post-collapse soul searching is any indication, this sequel will look a lot less like the original and a lot more like another 80s career film: "Baby Boom."

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