NYC High Schooler to Launch Gene Experiment into Space

A New York City student is launching a gene experiment into space and onto the International Space Station.

Elizabeth Reizis, A Stuyvesant High School sophomore and one of two 15-year-old winners of the 2017 'Genes in Space' competition, will send her experiment on a commercial resupply ship heading to the International Space Station on April 2.

Reizis' experiment will test DNA-based methods that could help monitor astronaut health in future missions.

The experiment aims to monitor immune function in space based on a DNA-based method. Previous research suggests astronauts’ immune systems become compromised in space. Reizis’ experiment will attempt to serve as a readout of immune system integrity during space travel.

This experiment will be launched alongside Sophia Chen's, the other 15-year-old winner, from Washington.

Chen's experiment focuses on how exposure to the space environment may lead to an increased rate of genetic mutations in astronauts.

Genes in Space is a national STEM contest that challenges 7-12 graders to design DNA analysis experiments.

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