Coronavirus Outbreak

‘Ghost Town:’ NYC Empties Out in Face of Coronavirus

School closures, event cancellations, work-from-home orders leave the Crossroads of the World feeling empty

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New Yorkers seem to be heeding the government's advice to practice social distancing and not go where they don't need to go -- leaving America's largest city looking a little like a ghost town Friday. Public spaces normally packed with people like Times Square and the New York subway system were eerily empty, and some shop shelves looked like they'd been ransacked. The MTA announced Friday ridership was down 19 percent, while the LIRR was down more than 30 percent.

The only exception was at New York supermarkets, where hundreds of people were seen lining up before store opening to stock up on groceries amid coronavirus social distancing and quarantine advisories.

Take a look at some of the images of New York City during the coronavirus outbreak below, and send us your photos to and we could feature them here or on air.

Huge lines were seen outside Trader Joes in New York Friday morning.
Trader Joes on Spring Street was left empty as people bought out the shelves amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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