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WATCH: Man Goes Absolutely Nuts in NYC Apartment Building, Violently Attacks Door and Wall

The surveillance footage says it all

What to Know

  • A man had an epic freakout in a Bronx apartment building hallway, bashing a door and kicking the wall so hard he smashed through the plaster
  • Cops released surveillance video of the Feb. 16 incident; it's not clear who lived in the apartment the man attacked
  • He was taken into custody Friday, not long after authorities released the wild surveillance footage

Cops have arrested a man who, for unknown reason, flipped out in a Bronx apartment building hallway last month, violently kicking a ninth-floor door more than a dozen times and causing damage, authorities say. 

Police released video of the Feb. 16 freakout. It shows the man kick the door hard and in rapid succession 13 times. He then pauses as if to catch his breath, then tries pushing the door a few times and almost attempts to yank it open by grabbing the peephole and the knob. 

When that doesn't work, he jumps up and down a few times, seemingly in a whiny way, and appears to be yelling something. The surveillance video has no audio, though so it's not clear what he's saying. After that, he turns out and goes back to kicking the door, which he does another half-dozen times. He kicks it so hard the door can actually be seen rattling in the surveillance video released by police.

After a bit more pushing on the door and yelling, he turns around, pulls his pants up and starts to walk off. He gets halfway down the hallway before he stops and starts violently kicking the wall, the video shows. He smashes his foot through the plaster, then moves down and starts kicking another part of the wall, smashing through the plaster there as well. Then he goes back to the apartment door he first attacked, kicks it one more time for good measure, yells one more thing and storms off, leaving the mess behind him. 

It's not clear who lives in the apartment he clearly wanted to get inside, nor was it clear why the man was there in the first place. He was taken into custody Friday, shortly after authorities released the surveillance footage.

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