For a Gramercy Park Townhouse, It’s Showtime

c/o Showtime

A Gramercy Park townhouse got rocked out of its nearly 200-year slumber to undergo a nearly $20 million dollar transformation into a wacky world of Showtime - sitting at the intersection of modernism, entertainment and high style. The 19th century ,Showtime House features six rooms based on the premium channel's popular shows - Weeds, Dexter, Californication, The L-Word, United States of Tara, and The Tudors. Gothamist notes "Inside the NFL was robbed!"

Videogum heartily expressed their displeasure in a post that began with "BARF" yesterday, saddened at the current fate of such a classic piece of New York real estate. "Oh that poor house", they write. "surviving more than a century of New York City development and disrepair only to be turned into this bogus nightmare." But aside from the colorful commentary, they've posted views of each of the rooms - which in themselves seem to be designed pretty well. In fact, it's surprising how different they are knowing many of the rooms share walls. You can imagine Dexter dining near David Duchovny's bedroom, and Weeds in the Tudor period.

The designers seem to have used local fashion, as at least in the Dexter room you can buy blood-spattered chairs from Brooklyn's Spring Design and Art - with one signed by the "killer actor" Michael C. Hall. While reactions are mixed on the house's reception, it's worth noting the risky bet the network took to even touch the real estate market right now, blood-spattered or covered in Weeds. (via Gothamist)

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